Volunteer Vacations


A Volunteer vacation and so much more…..

MARCH 2013:

I  had the opportunity to travel to Nicaragua March 2013. I knew going in that I wanted to do more than raise money for on going projects in this incredible fishing village called Jiquilillo (Hick-ey-lee-o)
I was not disappointed. Monty’s Beach Lodge and its partners Don and Gerry have a vision to educate and give back to the people of this community.
I was at the lodge for three weeks, and felt like family when I left to return home to B.C.
I highly recommend a volunteer vacations to everyone…. What an amazing experience, and many hours spent relaxing, walking the beautiful beaches, reading in one of the many hammocks…. It certainly is not all work and no play. Don and Gerry are outstanding hosts with an amazing staff at the lodge…Better than any 4 star resort without a doubt.

I am going to post many many pictures of my trip and stories on what incredible things are happening in this very poor part of our world, and how amazing it is to be a part of.
I do hope you enjoy following my journey, right up to our first ball game with the locals in March 2014,when my family and I go back to finish the field.


MARCH 2014:

Went back to Jiquililla with my family March 2014 to get started on the ball field. This was a volunteer vacation for us, but far from all work and no play. Below pictures of my sons and their girlfriends getting a surf lesson from Monty of Monty’s Beach Lodge. Even some of the local kids had fun while we were learning to surf. And surf they did, and some fun with the boogie boards and the Kayaks…..Oh and of course the Tona’s at the end of a hot day on the ball field.

Lots of pictures and stories so do check out other tabs at the top of the screen……



2013-03-25 14.29.12-2

2013-03-25 14.30.28

2013-03-28 09.45.34-1

2013-03-25 15.50.132013-03-25 15.50.22


What is it about the guests from Monty’s Beach Lodge always  jumping for Joy?????

2013-03-29 15.52.06











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