NICA HOUSE BUILD 2020- our vision is clear!! Consider joining us??


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Twenty Women Strong – Women Empowering Women – House Build

As passionate as I am about this small village in Nicaragua that I have traveled to 5 times in the past 4 years, it really is pulling at my heartstrings to be watching my beautiful province literally burning up in front of us. And I have had to ask myself, should I still be moving forward with my project in a 3rd world country, when so many here have had their world dumped upside down? Am I going to be judged harshly when trying to promote my fundraisers?
I have thought long and hard about this, because I do love my country, and what I see is our province getting so much love and support , strangers helping strangers that seriously gives me goosebumps all over.
We are going through a tough time, but Canadians are so damn proud, and pull together in times like this, that we will come out stronger for it….
So yes, I am going to carry on with a passion that I have for another country that I also love, but they may not get the kind of support to raise them back up….This is why Twenty Women Strong came together to begin with, Women empowering Women…..
I feel teaming up with the Vancouver Canadian’s, offering a fun night at Nat Bailey Stadium that helps us raise money, along with our garage sale are still very doable for my group of ladies, and truly hope this isn’t upsetting to anyone.
I am so proud to be Canadian but also extremely proud to be traveling with all my ladies at our own cost for flights and accommodation to make just a small ripple effect in our world, because in the end we are all human beings, and all deserving of good things in life…….

We also have a site to donate to that offers tax receipts and monies are directed straight to our project. Please check it out……And Thank You for taking the time to read about our exciting volunteer vacation!!


Twenty Women Strong: House Build in Nicaragua.


Twenty Women Strong: House Build in Nicaragua.

2824Last December I was in Nicaragua for 10 days, the only thing I had planned was to watch a set of bleachers get built for Field of Hope and to sponsor a lunch at El Limonal, a very poor area of Nica, the money came from family and friends who know of my passion for this beautiful area of Central America.

As it turned out, I met several ladies from Alberta, and before we knew it, we were on a 2 day road trip that took us to the breath taking Somoto Canyon, breakfast and tour at a coffee plantation, we even got to watch the process of the beans getting roasted and packaged our own bags of coffee to take back with us…… It doesn’t get any fresher than that. I don’t even drink coffee, but the smell was amazing and I was super excited to give them out to my family.

Next thing I am sitting at Monty’s Beach Lodge with Monty and Caridad, talking about the women’s co operative and the struggles of numerous families literally watching their homes being taken away by the ocean’s ever changing tides. A parcel of land was inherited by the head of the co operative and she offered the land to be used to house up to ten homes in order to get these families out of the stressful situation of living near the ocean. The challenge, getting funding for the homes. A few of the families had set up shacks on the property already because of the high risk they have found themselves in by staying where they were.

So my latest project started to come together….Ten Women Strong – Women Empowering Women, since December it has grown to Sixteen Strong and we’re aiming for Twenty!! These ladies are from several different areas of Canada, and I only know a few of them. Very exciting taking this forward!!

We all pay our own airfare and accommodations, and even though we are not hammer wielding carpenters, we do have the passion,commitment and muscles to pack cinder blocks to build 4 walls to get this home well on it’s way to being a home in the 8 days we will be there. The house and latrine will be fully funded by Twenty Women Strong, so the construction can and will carry on after we leave, by other guests visiting with volunteering in mind…….

Fundraising has started, and I am still looking for 4 more ladies to travel with us. Please email me at:                                                                                        for more information, or share with those who may be interested in our project.

For anyone wanting to directly donate to help us reach our goal of $20,000.00 CA can go to my site at:

Tax receipts available on this site as well.



Women’s Co operative – Nicaragua!! Are you looking for an amazing vacation??

Progress on the first of ten homes being built for single mom’s that have had their homes threatened by the ocean’s tide in the fishing village of Jiquilillo, Nicaragua.

I am proud to be taking a group of ladies there this November, to help build a home for one family. Volunteer Vacationing is so amazing in that you can take in all this beautiful community has to offer, while giving back at the same time.

When we look at our personal wealth compared to people in a 3rd world country, with no rhythm nor reason as to why we are where we are and why they are where they are…Except born into it, as lucky or unlucky as that.

In my 5 visits to Central America I soon learned these people do not feel unlucky ( as we would in North America) they are very proud of their heritage, they have their families and their religion, and live within their means. Life is simple for them, and I admire each one as they carry on each day not knowing what the next may bring them.

Getting involved with Don Montgomery and Gerry Caceres through Monty’s Beach Lodge is one of the best things to happen to me, meeting new friends that are like minded and it’s an instant bonding you get with people from all over the world…. Knowing them and the community of Jiquilillo really gives me a perspective on life that  many of us need, but for whatever reason shy away from being open to raising others up with nothing in return except knowing you changed the world for the good. And what a feeling that is…… In this case it is as simple as a Volunteer Vacation!! So much to do as fun and play goes BUT also the opportunity of giving back with just a few hours out of your day!!

I am so grateful to my family and friends that have supported me in so many ways in order to have my projects in Nica come to fruition.

Looking forward to meeting the family in November that myself and 9 other ladies will be raising money for in order to pay for the build of their new home, and travel there to help with part of the construction……

This short video is the progress of the first home going up. Some locals working on it, but also a couple of Canadian groups that travelled there in March to lend a helping hand…..


My Why!!!! for 10 Women Strong…..

I have traveled to Nicaragua 5 times over the past 4 years, and have been asked where my passion comes from for people half way around the world.

Well, as I single mom of three boys, I saw my fair share of struggles, and if it wasn’t for family, friends and yes even strangers, our lives could have been very different.

One memory that will never fade, was in the middle of December 20 years ago. My boys at the time were 10, 12 and 15. I was at work, and a co worker came up to me and said, “Tammi I just took a call from the View Royal Fire Dept, they said to tell you everything is under control, but you need to get home right now” She had no other information for me. Unfortunately I had just taken the insurance off my car because I couldn’t afford to replace a flat tire right at Christmas time. Rose went to our manager and got the ok to take me home instead of riding the bus.

Arriving at home I found a fireman waiting for me – Terry – he assured me that all the kids were ok and at the neighbors . He told me my son was heating up a pot of oil and forgot about it on the stove. As he took me inside to see the damage he said “aside from leaving the pot unattended, he did everything right, (he did not throw water on the flames, the over head fan was not on, so the flames did not get sucked up the vent, he called the neighbor who ran over and removed the burning pot from the kitchen while his wife called the fire dept.”

I was thankful it wasn’t worse than it was…… The next morning after the kids had left for school, my doorbell rang. It was the fire chief, he asked to come in….  He had a look at the smoke damage and made me promise that I would not be washing the walls and ceiling down by myself, he thought it was a good lesson to learn for my son to do the cleaning. He then said that when the firemen got back to the hall, they mentioned to him that I was a single parent. He then handed me a  Christmas card that had over $500.00 cash inside and  all the volunteer firemen had signed it. I cried, he just hugged me and said, have a Merry Christmas!!

Shortly after Christmas my brother came over to Victoria before heading off to Mexico, it didn’t take him long to see my car was not insured and the flat rear tire. He left, and returned about 10 minutes later and put down $1000.00 on the table, and said this should get you a year of insurance and a new tire, it is not a loan and I do not expect it back……..

I am not a religious person, but I do believe what you put out there – good or bad – is generally what will come back to you. We are a proud family, but not too proud to take a helping hand when it was needed. I see the same struggles in some of these single moms in Nicaragua, very proud, and happy, but sometimes they too need a hand to get back up…..

So my  Why for “Ten Women Strong”, is more like Why Wouldn’t I,,,,, Why Couldn’t I,,,,, Why Shouldn’t I……

I have been asked why I don’t spend more time in the area of Jiquilillo? Well one day when my Spanish is good enough, I can totally see myself teaching sewing classes to high school girls, or English at the learning center part time. But for now I am looking forward to my first grandbaby due this July( early August actually, but we are hoping for July),as my little fire starter is getting married on August 12th. Then I will top the year off with a trip along side some amazing ladies in November to see a house built for a very deserving mom and her family.